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    19 Parents' Amazing DIY Projects That Made Me Go, "How'd They Do That?"

    These kids better appreciate!

    1. This combination of painter's tape and washable markers that looks like something straight out of a cathedral:

    2. And this IHOP restaurant for Barbie dolls created for a little girl who, you guessed it, loves Barbies AND IHOP:

    3. This amazing play kitchen made out of cardboard:

    4. This idea for wrapping Christmas presents that I KNOW some of you are going to remember later this year:

    5. This igloo made out of a whole lot of milk jugs:

    6. This extreme makeover on a $20 garage sale playhouse:

    7. These absolutely perfect tie-dyed shirts — including the black one that was reverse tie-dyed:

    Learn how to reverse tie dye here.

    8. These — are you kidding me?! — hot-air balloon mobiles:

    9. This _Luigi's Mansion _window silhouette that made this home the coolest one on the block:

    10. This giraffe-loving kid's colorful new decoration:

    11. This super cute Harry Potter dresser for a baby's nursery:

    12. And these Harry Potter house banners for another baby's nursery:

    13. These stylish dresses made out of dad's old shirts:

    14. This incredible Día de los Muertos rocking horse:

    15. And this bunk bed for some very lucky girls:

    16. This stunning ornament some (older) kids will treasure:

    17. This scarily good shark-themed pencil case:

    18. This crocheted whale that's really whale done:

    19. And this crocheted costume that's more dream than nightmare: