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23 WTF-Inducing Weddings That Made Me Go, "That Did Not Happen!"

WARNING: This might make you want to elope.

1. This wedding where the mother-in-law showed up wearing a wedding dress:

My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail @jimmyfallon

Twitter: @AmyPennza

2. This wedding that took place inside a Walmart:

u/soul / Via

3. This wedding that was held in a parking lot:

Someone hosted their wedding today in the welfare office parking lot. from trashy

4. This wedding that was held in front of a dumpster:

Trashy Wedding from trashy

5. This wedding that was held inside a gas station:

Gas Station Wedding from trashy

6. And this wedding live streamed from Vegas that was 1000% the opposite of forgettable:

My uncle's wedding in Las Vegas, streamed live on the internet. from trashy

7. This wedding where the bride and groom took this photo:

8. And this wedding where the bride fellated a wooden statue of Trump instead of the groom:

Wedding pics to frame from trashy

9. This wedding where a guest proudly wore a "titties" hat:

He wore this hat to my friend’s wedding from trashy

10. This wedding where a guest showed up wearing an "I pooped today!" shirt:

This was at a wedding from trashy

11. And this wedding where a couple RSVP'd for themselves and 20 uninvited guests:

Inviting 20 extra people to a wedding from trashy

12. This wedding where what the guests ate for dinner depended on how big a gift they gave (less than $250 = chicken, $1,000+ = lobster and champagne):

I was told this wedding invitation should be under trashy. from trashy

13. And this wedding with "rules and regulations" that forbid guests from wearing makeup or talking to the bride:

The tackiest wedding rules from trashy

14. This wedding that served the traditional Budweiser cake:

My cousins wedding cake... from trashy

15. This wedding that served this skunk spray cake:

Classy wedding cake. from trashy

16. And this wedding that had a chewing tobacco cake:

The groom's cake at a family member's wedding from trashy

17. This wedding where the groom wore a tank top and jorts:

I get so misty eyed at weddings from trashy

18. This wedding where the bride's dress featured a train made out of beer cans:

Did Bud Light sponsor the wedding? from trashy

19. This wedding where the bride used the event to promote her multi-level marketing business:

Promoting your MLM at your wedding from trashy

20. And this wedding where the bride used a bucket as a barf catcher:

Every girls dream is to be carried on her wedding night. from trashy

21. This Gen Z wedding where the guests threw juul pods instead of rice:

From a backyard wedding in the trashy college party part of town from trashy

22. This wedding where the groomsmen took this urinal line photo:

Facebook delivers this white trash wedding. I guess they're pissing? Best man is also wearing a sidearm from trashy

23. And this wedding where guests were asked to leave cash to help the new couple buy an AR-15 or go on a honeymoon:

Pretty trashy for a wedding from trashy