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35 Parents Who Got Creative With Their Kids' Names...Maybe A Little TOO Creative

These parents took really big swings when naming their kids.

Over the years, we at BuzzFeed have done a lot of articles about wild, bizarre, or just plain out-of-the-ordinary names parents have given their kids.

"33 Bizarre Baby Naming Stories that'll Be Impossible To Not Think About Later"

Here's the thing, though. Those stories were mainly based around names people claimed to have encountered, and there was no way to know if they were 100% true or not. Frankly, some of the names were likely bullshit...urban legends or just plain made up.

So, for this article, we thought we'd do something a little different and present you a bunch of, uh, one-of-a-kind names where there's some sort of photographic evidence that they are indeed real. OK! Here we go:

1. This graduating preschooler is named...Kharringtyn McKhynleigh Khaybryn.

Kharringtyn McKhynleigh Khaybryn

2. And this Facebook post is about a pair of twin baby girls named...Mckelteigh Rayeleighanne and Drawsonne Lintleighmaye.

Mckelteigh Rayeleighanne and Drawsonne Lintleighmaye

3. This travel basket belongs to a little girl named...Blazeleigh Dayze.

A basket that says Blazeleigh Dayze

4. This sign is welcoming home a new baby named...Sneaux.

"Welcome home Sneaux"

5. This graduating senior in a high school yearbook is named...Le'4che.


6. This baby is named...Wednesdaigh Adams.

Wednesdaigh Adams

7. And this baby is named...Thanos Skywalker.

Thanos Skywalker

8. This report features a child with the name...Loeealtee.


9. This mom's coffee mug features the names of her kids...Ayden, Kaidyn, Brayden, and Dreighden.

Ayden, Kaidyn, Brayden, and Dreighden

10. These parents used Roman numerals to create a new way to spell Kaitlyn...K-VIII-lyn.


11. This online personality named her kids Pampas (like the grass), Portabella, Incisor (yes, like the tooth), and Harold.

Screenshot of someone's Instagram profile

12. And this YouTube family of 18 features kids named things like...PaisLee, NayVee, JourNee and KennaDee.

Names circled on someone's About section

13. This woman from the Philippines is named...Sincerely Yours '98. Her siblings are named Macaroni 85 and Spaghetti 88.

Sincerely Yours '98

14. The family featured in this article had a newborn girl named...Titan Invictus. Big bro, of course, is named Octavian.

"and his newborn sister, Titan Invictus"

15. This student in a high school yearbook is named...Syrynyty.


16. This person is in a class with a student named...Idea.

"Idea, please check the detailed information..."

17. This sign asked people to honk to help celebrate the birthday of a kid named...Kynlieghy.


18. This student's name tag shows off their one-of-a-kind name.


19. Proving unusual names aren't just a thing with modern parents, this senior citizen-aged Facebook user is named...DeBruh.


20. This baker made a cake for twins named Ryker and Riddleigh.

"Happy Birthday Ryker and Riddleigh"

21. And this one made a cake for a...Kern-Leigh.

Kern-Leigh's cake

22. This Star Wars fanatic named their baby after Kylo Ren.

"Kylo Wren"

23. And these fans decided against naming their kid Baby Yoda, and instead went with "Mandalorian."

"Mandalorian Michael"

24. This mom has a sticker on her car for honoring her children...Exxl and Versii.

Exxl and Versii's mom

25. The parents of this baby — named Zackon — had some cool cookies made for his birthday.

"Baby Zackon"

26. The name on this kid's backpack is...Jizelle.

"Jizelle" written on a backpack

27. This Instacart shopper was not named Stephanie, but...Sthefany.

"Sthefany is still shopping"

28. And this pizza worker was named...Nickalass.

"Nickalass began preparing your order at 5:56"

29. This person posted a Reel about someone telling them their kids' names — Oaklyn, Lennyx, Lextyn, and Everyx — were weird and sure to get them bullied.

Oaklyn, Lennyx, Lextyn, and Everyx

30. These new parents showed off their new baby's name — Analiyah — with this cute outfit and Facebook post.

Screenshot of a Facebook post

31. I always assumed funny lady Rebel Wilson was using a stage name...but no! Her birth name was Rebel! And her siblings are named Ryot, Annachi, and Liberty.

A list of Rebel Wilson's siblings

32. This woman named "Joshula" was on an episode of Say Yes to the Dress.

"Joshula Bunch"

33. This person came across a file on their computer at work for a client with the first name...Rexalyn.


34. YouTube star and singer Trisha Paytas named her daughter Malibu Barbie.

"Meet our daughter, Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon"

35. And lastly, this guy is named Jhayson...and he's got a pretty great sense of humor about it.

"I don't know why it's Jhayson and not Jason."

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