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What's Your Trick For Saving Money While Raising Kids?

The best things in life may be free, but taking care of them sure isn't.

According to the USDA, new parents can expect to spend around a quarter of a million dollars raising their child to the age of eighteen.


And that doesn't even include the cost of college!


The good news is that there are ways for clever parents to save money.

For example, you can buy unisex clothes and nursery items.

This way, should you have additional kids, you will be able to re-use the stuff regardless of whether you have a girl or a boy.

You can also save by buying your kids clothes they can grow into.

Maros_bauer / Getty Images

Make a habit of buying your kids clothes that are one size up and you won't have to go shopping nearly as often.

If you sign your kids up early for sports you may be able to take advantage of early bird discounts.


Sometimes you can even get deeper discounts by agreeing to coach.

When eating out, split one kids' meal between your kids.

Flickr: tabooze / Via Creative Commons

One meal is usually more than enough food for two kids. Sometimes you can skip the kids' meals altogether and feed your kids extra food off your plate — especially if you also pre-pack some snacks from home.

So tell us, parents: What’s your secret for saving money with kids?

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Share your best money-saving tip in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!

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