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What's The Strangest Thing That's Happened To Your Kid At School?

What happens at school stays at school.

School is a wonderful place where our kids learn important things like how to read, write, and be a functioning member of society.


With that said, it can also be a place where some pretty strange stuff happens.


For example, your kid might have done something stupid like the kid in A Christmas Story who licked a frozen pole.


Or maybe you got a call from the school nurse because your kid lost an eraser up his nose.

Ilya Andriyanov / Getty Images

Your kid might have been given an assignment that made you go "hmmmm."


Or maybe your kid got detention for a reason that made you just shake your head.

Universal Pictures

Did you find out that your kid was nicknamed “Sperm” by all of the kids for some inexplicable reason?

Fuse / Getty Images

Or did your kid have an “accident” and call you to stealthily rush a fresh pair of shorts down to the school?

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Whatever it is, we want to know: What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to your kid at school?

Share your kid’s school story in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!