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What's The Most Inappropriate Thing Your Kid Ever Did?

No kid's an angel all of the time.

We all try to be the best parent we can be, and most of the time we do a damn good job.

But — straight talk — even the best parents have had a moment (or three) when their kid did something hilariously inappropriate.

For example, your kid's first word might have been of the four-letter variety.

Or maybe they pointed at an old lady in the market and asked, “Why’s that lady so old?”

Your four-year-old might have somehow become an expert twerker.

Or maybe your kid decided to blow an arm fart when things got quiet at church.

So tell us, parents: What’s the most inappropriate thing your kid ever did?

Share your kid's most groan-tastic moment in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!