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Moms, Share Something People Think About Moms That Is Totally Wrong

Moms aren't who you think they are.

There are a lot of stereotypes out there about moms, and almost all of them are infuriatingly wrong.

For example, people seem to think that once you become a mom the person you were before motherhood DISAPPEARS, and that you no longer have hobbies or interests that don't involve your kids.

People also seem to think that moms no longer want to hang out, or be invited to things, with their non-parent friends.

Then there’s the annoying stereotype that moms totally give up on their looks after having kids.

And, of course, there's the cliché that moms sit around all day drinking wine, wine, and more wine!

Ok, moms, now it’s your turn. Tell us the most frustrating/annoying myth people believe about moms (or something ridiculous someone said to you about being a mom), and it might end up in a future BuzzFeed post!