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What's Something Movies And TV Always Get Wrong About Parenting?

Um, that's not how parenting is. At all.

We all know that movies and TV aren't exactly 100% accurate depictions of what life is really like.

But some things — like parenting — often seem especially out of sync with reality. For example, maybe you've watched a movie or TV show and rolled your eyes at how rarely the characters actually interact with their kids.


Or maybe your complaint is with how vibrant their sex lives are, especially when they suddenly spend the night at someone’s place. Like, who has their kids?


Maybe you laugh at how relaxed mornings are for movie and TV parents.


Perhaps you shake your head at how parents discipline their kids, calmly dispensing advice/life lessons instead of screaming/pulling out their hair — even when their kid has done something absolutely egregious!


Or maybe your beef relates to movies and TV shows that go the other way and make parenting seem way more miserable than it actually is.

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Whatever it is about parenting in movies and TV shows that bugs you, we want to hear it! Tell us in the comments below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!