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What's Something Everyone Should Do Before They Leave High School?

The last bell rings soon.

For high school seniors, graduation day is quickly approaching!

That means that — whether they LOVE high school or HATE it — they'll soon be done walking these halls for good.

So, let's help them out and tell them the things they absolutely should do before they do this:

For example, they could make an audio recording of themselves hanging out with their friends.

Or they could tell the teachers who've meant something to them just that — and get their contact information too.

Another idea: Make a list of the best and worst things about high school.

If they have even a smidgen of interest in going to prom, they should.

And, if they haven't already, they should start doing their own laundry!

So, what else should seniors do before they graduate? Share your best advice in the dropbox below and it could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!