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What Was Your Favorite Thing About Living In The '90s?

It was maybe, possibly, pretty much the best decade ever.

If you lived through the '90s you know that β€” for the most part β€” it was pretty damn awesome. / Via Creative Commons

For example, the clothes and styles were ridiculously cool (and sometimes just ridiculous).


Whether you were grunge, rocking sideburns like Brandon and Dylan, or put together like Cher and Dionne, you looked great. And hey β€” if you rocked a "Do The Bartman" T-shirt, you ALSO looked great, lol.

And don't get me started on the music. Epic.


Nirvana, TLC, Beck, Whitney Houston, Spice Girls, The Fugees, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Janet... I mean come on!

TV was pretty damn fun too.


Were you more TGIF or Must See TV?

Remember making it a Blockbuster night? Streaming is easier, but strolling the aisles with your friends was part of the fun, right? / Via Creative Commons

I know someone who had her first kiss there in front of a Jurassic Park VHS tape. Now those were the days!

It was also the last decade you could live your life without cell phones and social media. / Via Creative Commons

Sure, phones and social media are terrific, but in hindsight living without any of the noise β€” and not worrying about likes or shares β€” was glorious freedom.

Whatever it is you think made living in the '90s great, we want to hear it! Put it in the dropbox below and it could be included in a future BuzzFeed post.