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    The Most Wanted Christmas Presents Of The Last 100 Years

    A bag of nuts? Really, kids from the 1910s?

    The Rocking Horse

    Kids who had these were basically rock stars.


    Capitol Records / Via

    These became less popular after kids started losing fingers.


    Flickr: bubbo-tubbo

    Nuts for Christmas? No wonder the country was headed for a depression.

    The Radio Flyer

    These were so popular that even during the Great Depression 1500 of these wagons rolled off the assembly line every day.

    Joy Buzzer

    timmstuff / Flickr: 66781660@N04

    I'm pretty sure they weren't funny then either.


    Fox / Via

    Demand for yo-yos was so high that the Yo-yo Manufacturing Company went from two employees to more than six hundred in less than a year.

    Red Ryder BB Gun

    MGM / Via

    Ralphie was but one of millions of little boys dreaming of this for Christmas.

    Sock Monkey

    Flickr: monkeymoments

    A rival product, the Underwear Monkey, failed to catch the public's imagination.

    Army Men

    Pixar / Via

    RIP to all the army men who lost their lives to bottle rockets.

    Lego / Via

    The most wanted toy of 1949 has never lost popularity, so much so that The LEGO Group is now the world's most valuable toy company worth over $14.6 billion.

    The Magic 8-Ball

    Flickr: f2g2

    Generations of kids have asked, "Does she/he like me as more than a friend?"

    The Slinky

    Warner Bros. / Via

    More than 330 million Slinkys have sold since its debut in 1945.


    Pixar / Via

    Looking under Barbie's dress has been confusing kids for nearly sixty years.

    Fisher Price Little People

    Janet Sumner / Flickr: 10389614@N07

    Fisher Price was way ahead of its time by referring to them as "little people."

    Mr. Potato Head

    Pixar / Via

    The original packaging came only with body parts that were meant to be stuck into an actual potato! The now iconic plastic potato body was added in 1964.

    Etch A Sketch

    This classic was elected into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1998.

    Easy-Bake Oven / Via

    And thus began the tradition of little girls forcing their parents to eat disgusting, undercooked food.

    G.I. Joe


    Before getting streamlined in the Eighties G.I. Joe kind of looked like he belonged in The Village People.

    Rubik's Cube

    Flickr: bamalibrarylady

    You know how you solved these back in the day? By peeling off the stickers and putting them back on.

    Nerf Ball / Via

    Kind of like Gremlins, bad things happened when you got these wet.

    Star Wars Action Figures

    Flickr: theboyk

    Long before there was a Jar Jar Binks action figure, these were 100% cool.

    Cabbage Patch Kids

    Flickr: veganflower

    At the height of their popularity there were widespread reports of parents breaking into fistfights over the last doll in stock.

    Teddy Ruxpin

    DIC Entertainment / Via

    Did you feel like your Teddy Ruxpin watched you as you slept? Because I did.

    Transformers / Via

    If your parents couldn't score you these at Christmas, you got stuck with Gobots. Stupid, Gobots.

    Tickle Me Elmo

    The demand was so high in 1996 that people were re-selling the doll for $1500, slightly more than the $28.99 suggested retail price.

    Super Soaker

    If MJ had one you know they were popular.


    Flickr: capitrueno

    These fur-balls sold over 15 million units in their first year alone.


    Nintendo says they named it Wii because it "sounds like 'we', which emphasizes that the console is for everyone." Good thinking, since pretty much everyone owns one.


    Flickr: puuikibeach

    These were like a karmic joke on every parent who said there would never be a doll worse than Barbie for little girls.

    Razor Scooter

    This .gif alone is reason why my kids will never have one of these.

    LeapPad Ultra / Via

    These are probably as popular as they are because parents are desperate to stop their kids from hogging their iPads.

    Furby Boom|pkw|new%20furby%20boom|pmt|b|pdv|c / Via

    LCD eyes and the ability to interact with an IOS app are a big reason for Furby's resurgence.

    Teksta Robotic Puppy / Via

    It won't be long now until the machines take over.

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