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    37 Weird Times Clothes — Yes, Clothes — Made People Gasp In Shock And Awe

    Not all clothes are made the same.

    1. How did this T-shirt perfectly match up with this mountain?

    2. How did this neon shirt steal the spotlight?

    3. And, OK, how did this shirt match this bowl?

    4. How did these socks match this ottoman?

    5. And — speaking of socks — how did this one pick up a piece of fuzz that looks so much like a flamingo?

    6. How did this dress manage this sunburn?

    7. How did this shirt respond so well to an explosion of ink?

    8. How did this T-shirt and gaming chair team up to do this?

    9. How did this T-shirt match this woman's tattoo?

    10. How did this woman's sweater mind-meld with her kiddo's birthday hats?

    11. And how did this guy's shirt match up with his own tattoo?

    12. How did this shoe end up with what looks like an eye?

    13. And how did these shoes get overgrown with moss (and where can I get a pair, because they kind of look great)?

    14. How did this outfit match the dentist chair?

    15. And how did this person's outfit perfectly match the mannequin's?

    16. How did this bikini brief match up so well with this phone case?

    17. And how did this entire outfit match so perfectly with this one?

    18. Tell me something — how did this guy's shirt (second row from top, middle) line up perfectly with the bleachers?

    19. And riddle me this — how did this woman's shirt line up so perfectly with the sidewalk?

    20. How did this shirt and this person's scar make such an ideal pair?

    21. And how did this once all-black T-shirt totally transform itself?

    22. How did this shirt appear to be different colors in different lighting?

    23. And how did this fluorescent shirt just disappear in these photos?

    24. How did this shirt meld perfectly with this fast food cup?

    25. And — holy cow — how did these pants meld so perfectly with this coffee cup?

    26. How does this shirt's pattern change when it gets wet?

    27. How did these pants match the floor AND the chair?

    28. How...just HOW...did this dress match this Kleenex box?

    29. And how did this hat make such a perfectly circular shadow head?

    30. How did this shirt take on the exact form of this cat?

    31. How did these shoes look like the Fourth of July after getting some toner spilled on them?

    32. How did this shoe become one with this rubber band?

    33. How did these shoes match the floor so perfectly?

    34. And how did these shoes become one with the rocks?

    35. How did this shirt do such an incredible impression of this mug?

    36. How did this dress perfectly frame this woman's tattoo?

    37. And how, just how, did these pants do...this?