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19 Bachelor Parties That Prove There's A Little Something Wrong With Men

These are not your grandpa's bachelor parties.

When you think of bachelor parties, you probably think of strippers.


But the truth is that a whole lot of other things happen at bachelor parties, things that are weird, funny, and sometimes even kind of wholesome. For example:

1. This groom-to-be went to dinner as Darth Vader with a crew of stormtrooper buddies:

Friends bachelor party! from pics

2. While this groom-to-be and his pals dressed up as Mario Kart characters and went to the skate park:

The motto of my wedding next month is " Super Mario " . At my bachelor party , we were in a skate park and have played " Mario Kart " . ; ) from gaming

3. And this bachelor party went to a paintball course...ouch:

Have your bachelor party at a paintball course it would be fun they said... from WTF

4. The guys at this bachelor party pulled a move straight out of The Hangover by leaving the groom-to-be sleeping on the casino floor:

My buddy on the floor of the New York New York casino in Las Vegas at 2am on for bachelor party. This is 100% true from funny

5. While the guys at this bachelor party blindfolded the groom-to-be and made him think he'd be bungee jumping off a bridge...

When in fact...

He was in his buddy's backyard, LOL:

You can watch a video of this prank here.

6. This bachelor party decided to spend part of their night taking a glamour shot at JCPenny:

We took a group photo at JCPenny for my friend's bachelor party. from pics

7. And this bachelor party had quite the dress code:

It’s my bachelor party and this is how the squad showed up from 2007scape

8. This bachelor party had no strippers but lots of video games:

Getting married soon. Thought this would be the best way to do a bachelor party. from Rainbow6

9. Ditto for this party:

Got the boys together for a good old fashioned LAN for my bachelor party. from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

10. This bachelor party featured a special place to sit for the Game of Thrones loving groom-to-be:

[Everything] Made a dumb thing for my buddy's bachelor party. He has no idea what's coming! from gameofthrones

11. This bachelor party dressed up as ridiculous superheroes and then ran into Stephen Hawking, so of course they got a group photo:

Stephen Hawking posed for a pic with a bunch of guys out for a bachelor party. from pics

12. And this bachelor party reenacted the Last Supper:

My buddy's bachelor party photo. from funny

13. These Marines carried a keg up an entire mountain so they could have some brews with a view:

My Marine friends and I carried a keg up a 14,000 ft mountain for a bachelor party. from pics

14. This bachelor party was spent at top speed:

My bachelor party was a track day on the Nordschleife from Autos

15. While at this bachelor party they...actually, I don't know what they were doing, you'll have to just watch:

Guy In Panda Suit At Swedish Bachelor Party Catches Fire, Throws A Chicken And Jumps In River from gifs

16. This bachelor party made the groom-to-be wear a Jar Jar Binks mask all night:

@nDreamsVR @PerpGames @bmfshow @ILMxLAB @jimmysbowers Maybe not an impression, but our CMO @BalzarJuliusson WAS Jar Jar on his bachelor party 10 years ago!

Twitter: @fasttravelgames

17. The guys at this bachelor party all wore shirts with the groom-to-be's face on them:

If your planning a bachelor party, get these shirts. from funny

18. This party actually DID have "strippers":

My brothers got me strippers for my bachelor party. from funny

19. And this bachelor party ended with a sweet, little cuddle:

It was my buddy’s bachelor party. This is how I found him after our second night from funny