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    Jimmy Fallon Answers Impossibly Hard "Would You Rather" Parenting Questions

    Would you rather only be able to discipline your kids using your Barry Gibb voice or your Mick Jagger voice?

    Jimmy Fallon may be the host of The Tonight Show, but he's first and foremost the dad to daughters Winnie, 6, and Frannie, almost 5.

    Since becoming a dad Jimmy has also become a best selling children's book author. His just released This is Baby is the latest in a series that started with Your Baby's First Word Will be Dada and Everything is Mama.

    Patrick Macleod

    While the first two books only featured animals, This Is Baby is the first in the series to feature humans, or more specifically, adorable babies drawn by illustrator Miquel Ordonez.

    Jimmy says, "It’s a fun, interactive rhyming picture book for parents and kids. As a tired parent, I can tell you this is the perfect bedtime book because you can read it super fast in like 30 seconds, or if you want to read it more slowly you can take your time and have fun with the interactive part."

    We caught up with Jimmy before a reading he did at Camp, a family-experience store in NYC (soon to open in 4 more locations).

    OK, so Jimmy has some parenting credentials. But can he survive a seriously hard parenting version of "Would you rather?" Let's see:

    1. Would you rather have to remove and install the car seat EVERY time you go out? Or have every diaper you change be a blowout?

    [finally gets the car seat installed correctly] Me: Where’s the baby? Wife: In college.

    Jimmy's answer: "The blowout diapers, definitely."

    Jimmy adds: "I can’t tell you what happens to me when I install a carseat. I hurt my finger, I hit my head, and I turn into The Hulk. It's the most annoying thing in the history of things — I’d rather do anything than install a carseat.

    I really wish someone would solve the problem of making them so difficult. At one point I’d thought I’d hooked it in, and then we were driving around and I saw it moving around. I was like, 'Oh my God! Pull over!' I’m the worst at it. And they’re like, ‘It’s easy switch!' Please, there is nothing easy about it at all. It’s a lie."

    2. Would you rather have former Saturday Night Live castmate Tracy Morgan babysit your kids? Or former castmate Will Forte?

    Arnold Turner / Getty Images, Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Jimmy's answer: "I’d go with Tracy right now as I know he’s not drinking and he’s all good. But back in the day? Forte."

    Jimmy adds: "Every now and then people from the SNL days will get on a text thing where we send kid pictures around. It’s really hilarious because, when we were on SNL there was no thought of kids. It really didn’t cross our minds. And then you start growing and living your life after the show and your old castmates suddenly have kids who are like 15. (SNL producer) Lorne Michaels’ kid, Henry, sent me a message saying we should get a drink, and I was like, 'You can’t drink, you’re 5!' And he was like, 'I’m 23 now, dude.'"

    3. Would you rather do a kid-version of Competitive Spit Takes on The Tonight Show? Or a kid-version of Battle of the Instant Dance Crew?


    Jimmy's answer: "Competitive Spit Takes always makes me laugh. Kids spitting would be really funny. But l think kids dancing is what people would probably want to see more of so I’d say Instant Dance Crew."

    4. Would you rather only be able to discipline your kids using your Barry Gibb voice? Or only your Mick Jagger voice?


    Jimmy's answer: "I think my kids would laugh more if I used the Barry Gibb voice, but they laugh anyway when I try to discipline them, so I'd probably pick Barry Gibb just to make them laugh."

    Jimmy adds: "We split the discipline up pretty well in our house but I think my wife is more the disciplinarian. I’m the good cop, I think. I’m always the one whose like, 'OK, let’s get ice cream, let’s go.' And my wife is like, 'But they’re eating dinner in ten minutes.' But honestly, we split it up pretty evenly."

    5. Would you rather have to cook all of your kids' breakfasts? Or all of their dinners?

    6. Would you rather re-do a year of parenting a newborn? Or a year of parenting a toddler?


    Jimmy's answer: "Toddler, not newborn. I never want to relive that. They’re not really humans yet. They’re like little blobs, they don’t really do anything. They’re cute, but it’s just answering their cries and getting them to sleep so they can grow."

    Jimmy adds: "I love the ages my daughters are now. Winnie is six and Frannie is almost five. They’re losing teeth and all that stuff, it’s really fun. We’ve got to think about the Tooth Fairy and how much to give. I didn’t know what to give so I put down a twenty and my wife was like, 'A twenty?' I said, 'That’s all ATMs shoot out!' The next time all we had was $12, so we gave that. You know, Tooth Fairy prices fluctuate. They go up and down with the economy.”

    7. Would you rather let Winnie make every decision for an entire weekend? Or Frances?


    Jimmy's answer: "Winnie. She makes more thought-out decisions. Frannie is like this little rebel. We’d end up in Vegas."

    8. Would you rather help your kid with math homework? Or English homework?

    Saugerties High School

    Jimmy's answer: "I was always a math kid in school. I love math. So I would do that. But now that I’m an author maybe I should do the English homework!"

    Jimmy adds: "My kids haven't had too much homework yet. Their homework is, like, bring soil in to school for a science project. So we have to find soil in New York City, which isn’t easy to find."

    9. Would you rather people read your first two books? Or your new one?

    Feiwel & Friends

    Jimmy's answer: "The first two books are good for babies, ages 0-1. This one is for ages 1-3, so I think more people will read it."

    This Is Baby is available now.

    Patrick Macleod

    And check out all the upcoming events at Camp here!

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