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    37 Ingenious Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

    Dorm, sweet dorm.

    1. Make a headboard out of cardboard, tape, and fabric.

    Sewing skills are not necessary. It's just for looks, but it sure does dress up a room. Learn how to make one here.

    2. Stay organized with little circle corkboards.

    Large corkboards can take over a dorm room, but not these. Find the DIY here.

    3. Maximize space with a DIY lamp shade that doubles as a bulletin board.

    All you have to do is apply latex spray paint and adhere self-adhesive cork circles to the shade.

    4. DIY a frame key holder.

    So you never lose your keys. Learn how here.

    5. Store shoes in your bed skirt.

    Not only is it unexpected storage space, but it hides your shoe horder shame!

    6. Make a wall paper mural.

    These sure beat the usual posters college students put up. Learn how here.

    7. Keep jewelry organized in an ice cube tray.

    They're also great for holding supplies like paper clips, thumbtacks, and rubber bands.

    8. Turn a metal waste paper basket into a bedside table.

    Spray paint the waste paper basket your favorite color, then flip it over for an affordable and compact piece of furniture.

    9. Add a canopy to your bed without using any nails.

    This clever method uses removable command hooks, so your R.A. won't be able to give you a hard time about not following regulations. Learn more here.

    10. Add a diamond pattern to your door using washi tape.

    Washi tape (colored paper tape) is your new best friend when it comes to dorm decorating. Like painter’s tape, it removes without residue, meaning it’s perfect for temporary decoration.

    11. You can also use washi tape to make your poster collection look more cohesive.

    Just tape around the outline of each poster.

    12. Washi tape can line your bookshelf, too.

    Learn how to line your shelves with it here.

    13. Bring your room to life with some potted plants.

    A little greenery keeps a dorm room from feeling too sterile, especially if you make some of these colorful pots for them.

    14. Air plant terrariums will liven up a dorm, too.

    The best part is they won't take up any precious desk space. Find the DIY here.

    15. Transform an old bed sheet into a homemade geometric wall hanging.

    Learn how here.

    16. Use Christmas lights to make a custom marquee sign.

    You'll also need cardboard and electrical tape, but it's surprisingly easy to make! Learn how here.

    17. Customize your bedding with iron-on transfers.

    Why have boring bedding when you can print your own decals? Learn more here.

    18. Transform boring folding chairs into stylish ones with this DIY.

    These are great to have on hand because sometimes you just don’t feel like having everyone pile onto your bed.

    19. Floor cushions are also terrific for additional seating - and can add some much needed color.

    You can buy a few or make your own by following this tutorial.

    20. Make a lofted bed fort-like with starry lights and a tied-on curtain.

    Attach a hammock at your own risk.

    21. Put your mini fridge atop a fridge cart for extra storage.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules

    This one goes for $149, but you can find used ones on Craigslist or eBay for less.

    22. Speaking of mini fridges, you can use empty tea cans to store pens and pencils.

    Just put a small, powerful magnet on the inside of the back of the tin.

    23. Turn a branch into a decorative jewelry holder.

    To make it slightly more permanent, use ribbon or string instead of a leaf and knot closely to the branch.

    24. Illuminate your photos by hanging them alongside twinkle lights.

    25. Buy a storage caddy for the side of your bed.

    Get one here for just $13.46.

    26. MacGyver a smartphone projector out of a shoebox and magnifying glass.

    No room for a TV? No problem! Learn how to make one here.

    27. Use removable wallpaper sheets to brighten up boring white walls.

    Check out Chasing Paper to find easily removable peel-and-stick wallpaper.

    28. Add a colorful area rug to bring your space together.

    You can even make one out of old T-shirts if you’re feeling ambitious and frugal. Find the how-to here.

    29. Add some artful throw pillows to your bed.

    Art isn’t just for your walls! Learn how to make this landscape pillow here.

    30. Customize your pushpins so they reflect your style.

    You can basically glue anything to regular pushpins to give them a little pizzazz. Learn how to create this chunky gem version here.

    31. Create temporary word wall art from strips of fabric and cornstarch.!bg6UGz

    Learn how here.

    32. Outfit your bed with power risers.

    These not only give you more storage space under the bed, but supply much needed additional power outlets. Buy a set of four here for $29.99.

    33. Build a movable accessory display.

    Find a tutorial here.

    34. Customize plain storage boxes with paint.

    Find directions here.

    35. Turn an old card tray into an ironing table.

    When you're not ironing it can double as a coffee table. Find the how-to here.

    36. Make a mural out of confetti.

    All you need are paper circles and painter’s tape. Learn more here.

    37. Use a shower caddy to store school supplies.

    Find the how-to here.

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