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21 Ways To Keep Santa Real For Your Kids

Because everyone deserves to enjoy the magic as long as possible.

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1. Download the "Parents Calling Santa" app.

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Santa will call and speak to your kids. You can even request a "naughty" message where he'll tell your kids he knows they've been misbehaving! Get it here for $1.99.

2. Read The Truth About Santa by Gregory Mone.

When older kids ask how Santa could possibly visit the whole world in one night, tell them some of this book's funny yet plausible explanations, such as Santa's warp-speed sleigh, frequent use of wormholes, and IT tech genius elves who oversee the operation. Get it here from $6.78.


3. Catch Santa on video.

Set up a camera with your kids on Christmas Eve, then, when they've gone to bed, film Dad dressed as Santa delivering gifts. In the morning your kids will be amazed to discover they caught photographic evidence of Santa!


7. Go Christmas shopping without the kids.


There's a temptation to try to be crafty and throw a gift into the cart when you're out with the kids, but don't do it. If they notice what you're doing and later see the gift under the tree from Santa, the jig is up.

9. Visit Norad's Santa Tracker.

Norad has been tracking Santa's journey around the globe on Christmas Eve since 1955, and now its immersive website does so with videos, maps, and a behind-the-scenes peek at Santa's village.


11. Be enthusiastic about Santa.

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A friend of mine said the moment he realized Santa wasn't real was when his dad acted bored when they went to meet Santa at the mall. If Santa really were such an amazing person, my friend thought, wouldn't his dad be excited to see him?

13. Find Santa's license under the tree.

Santa's License will send you a copy of Santa's International Sleigh Driver's License for $7.49. When your kids wake on Christmas morning to discover Santa dropped his license by the tree, they'll have irrefutable proof of his existence.


18. Have Santa give your kids a gift they'd never imagine you'd give them.


If a gift from Santa turns out to be school clothes, kids might figure out it was mom and dad doing the gifting. A truly unexpected gift, however, could only have come from Santa.

20. Say "What do you think?" when kids ask questions.


This will allow you to see where your kids are both intellectually and emotionally. Often kids just want reassurance that Santa is real, and aren't yet ready to accept the truth.

21. Don't forget what Christmas is really all about.

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When your kids eventually learn the truth about Santa they may be disappointed, but if you've kept the focus of the holiday on the things that are important to you — like family, friends, and faith — they will continue to find Christmas (and Santa) every bit as special as before.

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