28 Ways To Fix Stuff Your Kids Ruined

    This is why you can have nice things.

    1. Remove crayon from a wall.

    2. Fix broken mini blinds.

    3. Get rid of scratches on a DVD or CD.

    4. Remove pee stains from a mattress.

    5. Put computer keys back on a keyboard.

    6. Make your iPhone ring again.

    7. Recover deleted apps.

    8. Repair a broken iPhone screen.

    9. Get crayon out of clothes.

    10. Patch up ripped clothes.

    11. Clean vomit off of your couch.

    12. Eliminate carpet stains.

    13. Remove permanent marker from hardwood floors.

    14. Get out stubborn stains.

    15. Clean a microfiber couch.

    16. Get crumbs out of your stuff.

    17. Un-dent a ping pong ball.

    18. Clean up a nail polish spill.

    19. Fix broken glasses.

    20. Detangle Barbie hair.

    21. You can detangle American Girl doll hair, too.

    22. Clean and repair stuffed animals.

    23. Clean and repair action figures.

    24. Remove pen marks.

    25. Repair damaged books.

    26. Get stickers off a dresser.

    27. Clean your car's interior.

    28. Remove chocolate stains.