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23 Ways To Capture Amazing Photos Of Your Kids

Filming your kids doesn't have to feel like herding cats.

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5. Get down on their level. / Flickr: 50997200@N07 / Via Creative Commons

Most shots of kids are taken looking down from an adult's perspective. Moving closer to the ground not only make your photos more interesting, but also gives you the chance to film your kids at their eye level.

6. Shoot from above.

Flickr: revilla / Via Creative Commons

While shooting at your kids' eye level is usually best, you can get a lot of cute shots from above. It's also smart to take a few of these shots because changing your camera angle during a shoot helps to keep kids moving and engaged.


9. Don't photograph your kids looking into the sun.

Flickr: nemone / Via Creative Commons

No background is so terrific that it's worth having your kids squint or look at the ground. Even changing the angle slightly, so that the sun is at your kids' side, will improve your photos.


14. Get impromptu shots.

Flickr: adorkable1 / Via Creative Commons

Candid photos capture a child's unguarded personality. One way to get these is by snapping shots between poses, or by unobtrusively filming them when they're busy with an activity.

15. Dress kids in clothes they're comfortable in.

Kenji Wang / Flickr: kenji5427 / Via Creative Commons

If your kid never wears a suit, a photo shoot is not the best time for him to start wearing one unless you want him tugging at his collar the whole time. Of course, if dressing up is your kid's thing, then go for it: a kid in a suit is adorable.

16. Take some silly shots.

Tom Blackwell / Flickr: 8185633@N07 / Via Creative Commons

Even if they're not keepers, silly shots will loosen kids up and make the experience fun (which will improve the quality of the other photos you take).


18. Show your kids photos as you go along.

Gennadiy Ratushenko / Flickr: worldbank / Via Creative Commons

Stopping every few minutes to let your kids see the fruits of their labor, so to speak, will keep them engaged in the shoot longer.

19. Consider investing in a digital SLR.

Ramkumar Rajendran / Flickr: 55327136@N07 / Via Creative Commons

A digital SLR may be pricey, but the quality of photos you'll get with it is much better. DSLRs also have no shutter lag (like point and shoot cameras do), so you'll be able to capture the moment without motion blur.


21. Bring an assistant if possible.

Nathan Rupert / Flickr: 19953384@N00 / Via Creative Commons

An assistant can help you adjust your kids' hair and clothes, make them smile, and even take a shot or two when you want to jump in the frame.

22. Take lots of photos.

Glen Loos-Austin / Flickr: 15888330@N00 / Via Creative Commons

The magic of digital cameras is that you aren't wasting film, so feel free to fill up that memory card. The more photos you take the more keepers you'll get.