19 Moms Who Didn't Get To Announce Their Pregnancy Because Someone Else Did First

    Some news is NOT yours to share.

    We recently asked the parents of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the nightmare times someone spilled the beans about their pregnancy before they could. Here are their cringey and infuriating responses:

    1. "We told our parents early but asked that they not tell anyone. Turns out, my mother-in-law called the entire extended family to tell them. We made Christmas card announcements and everyone said, 'I’ve known for weeks.'"

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    2. "The nurse blurted it out when I was in the ER so I didn’t actually get to tell my husband."

    —Angela Martin, Facebook

    3. "I attended a friend’s bachelorette party when I was almost two months pregnant. I didn’t want to take ANY attention away from the bride, so I snuck away and found our server to ask for a non-alcoholic drink on the sly so no one would ask questions..."

    4. "When I was six weeks pregnant, my work 'friend' mentioned it aloud in the break room, in front of three managers. I was stunned into silence. At that point in my pregnancy, there was a high risk of miscarriage, so I definitely wasn’t ready for my bosses to know about it. Needless to say, I’m not friends with that girl anymore."


    5. "A coworker saw my husband and me at an obstetrician appointment and told a bunch of the other teachers at our school that I was pregnant. I found this out when I tried to tell my principal at 13 weeks and she said she already knew."

    6. "A colleague decided to post a picture of me with my bump on her Facebook page and basically told the world. By the time I saw it, so many people had commented that it was too late for me to tell her to delete it."


    7. "When I found out I was pregnant, I drove to my parents' house, where the driveway was full of cars. When I walked in, EVERYONE in my family was there. My dad had tears in his eyes. So, I told them I was pregnant and my mom said, 'We know. Your doctor told us after your visit.' I was so enraged! My mom was saying that he did it because I was going to be high risk, but it's still a violation of HIPAA!"

    8. "Told close family on my mom's side at a holiday gathering and specifically asked that no one post anything about it on social media since we still had to tell my dad and husband's family. At dinner, my grandfather casually informed everyone that he had posted his own announcement on social media and told us how happy people were..."

    "Every woman in the room instantly turned on him and flipped their shit. Turns out he didn't hear the part about not telling others yet. Poor Pop-Pop."


    9. "My former friend drunk dialed my estranged relatives in the middle of the night to tell them I was pregnant and how much she hated my boyfriend. I was on a flight home from Europe at the time. Everyone in my family found out via her phone call."

    10. "So my momma was pregnant when my sister and I were kids. We were shopping with my grandma, who saw some baby clothes and started fawning over them, saying she wished she had a new grandbaby to buy cute baby clothes for. My 8-year-old sister, in a sing-songy voice, said, 'Grandma, Momma has something to tell you!'”


    11. "My husband shared the news with his aunt, which annoyed me because we weren’t telling anyone except for our parents yet. Of course, she told the entire extended family, so I didn’t get to share the exciting news, which was a big disappointment."

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    12. "After years of trying, we finally conceived. My husband is the baby of his family, so his mom was thrilled and asked if she could tell his siblings, which was fine, until later that day, I saw his oldest sister post it on Facebook and tag all of the family."

    "We lost the baby in an ectopic pregnancy and I never felt more exposed."


    13. "I worked in a coffee shop and had just ended up in the ER because my pregnant body DID NOT tolerate even a smidge of caffeine. Since part of my job involved testing out caffeinated products so I could describe them to the customers, I told my manager about my pregnancy. Well, suddenly all my coworkers knew, including the girl who worked with my sister at her second job!"

    A woman stares in shock

    14. "My friend was with me at the store where I took the test. We ran into my mom, sister, and niece a couple aisles after the bathroom and my friend told my mom I was pregnant."

    "I wasn't really mad about it, but I wish I could have told my mom another way."

    —Axprylle Jimenez, Facebook

    15. "I told my parents and sister as soon as I found out at four weeks, but definitely didn't want to tell anyone else yet as I'd been having spotting and had to regularly get blood tests. Two weeks later, at Easter, my 3-year-old niece decided to tell everyone by shouting it at the top of her lungs."

    16. "I only told my mum when I was pregnant because I'd miscarried before and didn't want to tell more people until I knew things were OK. Well, she blabbed to a number of people without my knowledge."

    "I then miscarried that pregnancy, but my mom didn't update the people she'd already spoken to, so I had random people congratulating me on my pregnancy weeks after the miscarriage, leaving me to have a number of awkward conversations. Thanks, Mum."


    17. "My fiancée announced it on Facebook, I only found out because he tagged me 😂. I think I was only about nine weeks pregnant and I wanted to wait until 12 weeks just in case. He was really excited, so I didn’t hold it against him."

    18. "I am married to a Greek Orthodox man, and was in the process of converting to Orthodoxy when I got pregnant. It was my third pregnancy, having had two miscarriages previously, so we were being very quiet about It. Of course, my priest knew, as he had offered many prayers and blessings for us."

    Right around my 10th week, I completed my study and was set for my Chrismation — the sacrament performed when one joins the church that is traditionally done in front of the entire congregation.

    My day arrived, and there I was, in front of 200 people I barely knew, when my priest spun me around and introduced me by my new Orthodox name. HE THEN REACHED AROUND, PATTED MY STOMACH, AND SAID, 'I AM SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE JOHN AND EVANGELIA ARE EXPECTING. SO WELCOME TO BABY PAUL TOO!' So, yeah, that was uncomfortable. Luckily, it all worked out."


    19. "One day after finding out I was pregnant, my supervisor outed me to the entire office. The scent of coffee that morning had set off my morning sickness, so he guessed. I wouldn't confirm his guess, so that afternoon at our Friday office nibbles, he made a big deal in front of everyone of offering me a plate of deli meats, soft cheeses, and a glass of wine, and then demanded to know why I didn't eat/drink them."

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    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.