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    19 Ways Having A Dog Will Prepare You For Kids

    Fur babies can change your life.

    1. Dogs awaken your maternal/paternal instincts.

    2. They teach you responsibility, too.

    3. You have to pick up their poop.

    4. They make messes.

    5. You have to feed them.

    6. You don't sleep as well as you used to.

    7. Dogs demand your attention whether you want to give it or not.

    8. It's your job to recognize their birthday.

    9. You pick out all of their outfits.

    10. You pick out their Halloween costumes, too.

    11. You worry about their well being.

    12. You have to buy a lot of stuff to take care of them.

    13. Dogs ain't cheap.

    14. You can judge how a potential partner might be as a parent based on how they treat your dog.

    15. There's no leaving town without finding a dog sitter.

    16. You have to potty train them.

    17. You experience anxiety over whether your dog will be accepted by the other dogs.

    18. You have to discipline them.

    19. Finally, you get the priceless experience of having a living creature rely on you to take care of them.

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