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    18 Times Parents Faced Off Against Their Kids And Lost

    Don't let the cuteness fool you.

    1. Kids will break your teeth:

    2. They will throw your phone in the toilet:

    3. They will make you poor:

    4. They will put coins in your tea:

    5. They will pee in your humidifier:

    6. They will destroy your ceiling:

    7. And write on your walls:

    8. They will "write" on your car, too:

    9. Even when they're trying to "help":

    10. They will break your TV:

    11. And ruin your birthday:

    12. They will destroy things you care about:

    13. And no one — not even your pet — is safe:

    14. Maybe ESPECIALLY not your pet:

    15. DEFINITELY not your pet:

    16. They will cause you to make mistakes...

    17. ...and to destroy your own possessions:

    18. And make you feel like a total, 100% fool:

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.