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26 Useful Dollar-Store Finds Every Parent Should Know About

If you've got a dollar, you can make your life easier.


1. Stop your kids from losing playing cards by storing them in travel soap box holders.

These are also great for storing crayons, beads, stickers, and more. Learn more here.

2. DIY tube socks into super-cute baby leg warmers.

Find out how here.

3. Combine a muffin tin with plastic cups to make a wonderfully mobile storage center for art supplies.

4. Buckets are a good choice for organizing art supplies too.

5. Use a mesh laundry bag to hold sand toys at the beach.

The awesome thing about this is that you don't drag home a bunch of sand at the end of the day! Learn more here.

6. Keep your car clean by using a cereal container as a trash can.

7. You can also keep your car in shape with a hanging shoe organizer.

8. One more for the car: Keep your kids from making a mess on fast-food runs with this dollar-store staple.

9. Craft boxes are perfect for organizing barrettes and hair ties.

Find out more here.

10. DIY on-the-wall storage for your kid's magnetic toys using dollar-store pizza pans.

Find the tutorial here.

11. Keep sippy cups organized using dollar-store baskets.

Never lose another sippy cup lid again. Learn more here.

12. Dollar store baskets are also amazing for outdoor activities.

13. Dish racks make organizing school supplies easy.

Ideal for homeschoolers. Learn more here.

14. DIY a crib rail cover using a pool noodle.

Find out how here.

15. Ice-pop trays are surprisingly ideal for organizing your kid's crayons.

Find out more here.

16. Make traveling with kids easier by putting together a supply box with items from your local dollar store.

Find out more here.

17. Dollar-store frames are perfect for making window art with glue and food coloring.

18. They're also great for making a "family command center" board.

Learn how to run a tight ship here.

19. Throw down a plastic table cloth before craft time for easy cleanup.

Learn more here.

20. A utensil tray is the key to keeping your kids' toothbrushes organized.

21. Kitchen sponges can be used to make low-cost ice packs for your kid's lunch box.

This way if your kid loses the ice pack it's no big deal. Learn more here.

22. Bring straws with you in a toothbrush container.

This way you have them when you need them.

23. Put dollar-store baskets on the stairs for your kids to put their loose toys.

Learn more about "crap baskets" here.

24. Toss glowsticks into the tub to make bath time a blast.

25. Dollar-store toys and trinkets make perfect "Catch 'em being good" gifts.

Find out more about this positive reinforcement technique here.

26. There are also incredible finds for your kid's American Girl doll in the toy section.

After spending $100+ on the doll, you deserve these cool — and mercifully affordable — accessories. Learn more here.

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