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    Updated on Oct 31, 2019. Posted on Oct 24, 2019

    These Are The Funniest Halloween 2019 Tweets This Week

    Trick or tweet.

    1. First, this house is ready for Halloween (and joking, I hope!):

    2. While this person can see into the future (at least when it comes to guys who wear the season's most cliché costume):

    really excited about all the dudes who are going to dress as the joker for halloween parties and not get laid

    3. Hey, this person can see into the future too:

    what the signs will be on Halloween Libra- emotional Aries- high as fuck Taurus- unappreciated Gemini- alone Cancer- ????? Leo- unloved Virgo- full of candy Scorpio- broke Sagittarius- yes Capricorn- questioning self worth Aquarius- working pisces- busy

    4. Mark Hamill — AKA Luke Skywalker himself — shared a kid's costume he absolutely loved:

    ONLY 12 DAYS 'TIL HALLOWEEN!🎃☠️🧙‍♀️👻👽🤖👺 OK, if this kid shows up trick or treating at my house, he's getting ALL my candy. #HappyHamillween

    5. While this dad's kid tried to pull a fast one:

    7-year-old: Trick or treat?! Me: It's not Halloween. And this is your own house. 7: Are you giving me candy or not?

    6. TBH, I related to this one a little too much:

    me: :( * 🕷* . 🖤 * . * . * . * . * . . 🔪 ⚰️ Targets dollar Halloween section 👻 *. * . * * . *. * . . ☠️. * 💀. * . 👻 me: :)

    7. Speaking of cheap Halloween decorations, lol:

    “bought some halloween decor at a thrift store and now i can’t find my cat.”

    8. This tweet perfectly summed up the experience of ordering your costume online:

    What I bought online for What actually Halloween arrived

    9. This person shared their vote for Christina Ricci as the Queen of Halloween (although I lodged my vote for Winona Ryder):

    Christina Ricci being the queen of spooky and Halloween since she was little. There are no other people even coming close to her status. 🖤

    10. And this person shared their vote for Harry Potter. FULL STOP:

    Wife: pick a Halloween movie to watch. Me: Harry Potter. Wife: that’s not a Halloween movie. Me: then why does it have witches? Wife: Me: and spells. Wife: Me: and flying broomsticks. Wife: pick another movie. Me: fine. Harry Potter number 2.

    11. Next, there was a cool job alert:

    being a copywriter for a halloween costume company seems like a cool gig you just sit around all day trying to come up with names like “jovial murder clown” or “glasses orphan warlock”. what a life!

    12. This guy envisioned a seriously awkward Halloween party:

    [Halloween party] Winnie the Pooh: *dressed as Paddington* dude! 🥺 Paddington: *dressed as Winnie* DUDE! 🥺🥺🥺

    13. This guy's costume was, well, out of this world:

    My friend won Halloween y’all can quit

    14. While this guy's low-budget lobster costume deserved a standing "O":

    wanna know how creative i am when it comes to halloween?? i was a fucking lobster 2 years ago

    15. And this costume, well, it was from 3019:

    dahyun halloween 2020

    16. Dogs, meanwhile, had a Halloween parade:

    Halloween Dog Parade y’all omg 🥺

    17. And this dog was, hands down, the top dog:

    Absolutely the cutest Halloween dog 🐶

    18. This funny guy shared some costume ideas:

    ok fine Halloween costume ideas: -a turtle that tells off another turtle then has to SLOWLY storm out of the conversation -Rockefeller Center xmas tree on Dec 26 ("is it weird that I'm still here?") -an owl that's actually kinda stupid, but coasts on the reputation of his species

    19. And lastly, this person already started mourning the end of all the fun:

    i love that Halloween is almost here but i hate that Halloween is almost here because then i’m going to miss it when it’s gone

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