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    26 Scarily Funny Tweets About Halloween This Year

    "For Halloween I wanted to dress up as something scary so I’m going as my student loans."

    1. OK, first let's enjoy this dog dressed up as "Trent Crimm, The Independent" from Ted Lasso:

    I dressed my dog up as Trent Crimm, The Independent for Halloween. #TedLasso @TedLasso

    Twitter: @EdmundHanlon

    2. And this hilarious throwback costume of a girl dressed up as a sexy "None pizza with left beef":

    @adamquinn__ This was my Halloween costume two years ago (of course I was the sexy version)

    Twitter: @tlzlupko

    3. This costume idea, meanwhile, is REALLY scary:

    For Halloween this year I wanted to dress up as something scary so I’m going as my student loans

    Twitter: @ColIegeStudent

    4. Speaking of costumes, they just make every situation better:

    I just saw someone jog past me while wearing a hot dog costume. I love Halloween season

    Twitter: @SheaCoulee

    5. This person is living the dream:

    I finally have enough money to get the expensive outfits at the top of the Spirit Halloween costume wall, I’m about to ask an employee to get one of their finest clothing hooks

    Twitter: @sarahschauer

    6. This person is dead right about why picking a costume is so hard these days:

    the media moves too fast to plan a halloween costume now. no one's gonna care about a Black Widow or Zombie Colin Powell costume by halloween. ya gotta wait til oct 30 when MSNBC accidentally tweets "bOpe" and then immediately make your bope costume that morning

    Twitter: @cat_beltane

    7. And this here costume prediction feels 100% right:

    megan fox and mgk are going to be harley quinn and the joker for halloween im calling it now

    Twitter: @abbyhorchata

    8. The "please check your child's candy" meme has definitely become the hit meme of the season, and this one might be my favorite:


    Twitter: @flavortown

    9. Or wait, maybe it's this one:

    Be sure to check your kid's Halloween candy. My little sister found the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time inside her Mars Bar

    Twitter: @EMoore_

    10. No, it's this one:

    parents, please be sure to check your kid's halloween candy. last year I found the unconstitutional NC 2012/2014 GOP gerrymander in my child's snickers bar.

    Twitter: @macrotargeting

    11. No, sorry, it's definitely this one:

    check your kids halloween candy. my cousin found the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand in sarajevo by serbian nationalist gavrilo princip inside a snickers bar

    Twitter: @rad_milk

    12. This is 100% true about Halloween decorations:

    the two types of halloween decorations are “it would be cute if ghosts wore sneakers” and “if i knew i could get away with it here’s how i’d torture somebody to death”

    Twitter: @calebsaysthings

    13. And so is this:

    I love halfhearted halloween decorations. I love one witch plastered on a deli window with nothing else

    Twitter: @jpbrammer

    14. This person nailed why Halloween is so scary:

    Of course Halloween is scary, people knock on your door. It could be anyone

    Twitter: @CrockettForReal

    15. And this person really commits to a scare, LOL:

    this halloween surprise your friends by putting on clown makeup and dying in their attic

    Twitter: @OllyiConic

    16. This right here is very relatable:

    Every year im so excited for halloween to come around and then i end up doing nothing

    Twitter: @f0lake

    17. And so does this one, but it's sorta a buzzkill:

    look at your midterm marks and ask yourself if you deserve to go out for halloween

    Twitter: @abimadle444

    18. "A sacred holiday," LOL:

    I wish people wouldn't politicize Halloween, a sacred holiday where we eat candy and dress slutty all in the name of Satan.

    Twitter: @DeathMetalV

    19. This theory just might prove kids are smarter than us all:

    The "razor blades in apples" urban legend was created by kids to discourage Halloween apple distribution. We are all the victims of a tremendously successful psy-op by 8 year olds, and to them I say kudos

    Twitter: @MarkAgee

    20. It's now time to appreciate some jack-o'-lantern wins, like these Among Us ones:

    Happy Halloween! @AmongUsGame #Halloween #AmongUs #AmongUsFanArt #Pumpkins

    Twitter: @RobanCook

    21. This A+ Star Wars one:

    Twitter: @DepressedDarth

    22. And this Monsters, Inc. masterpiece:

    ⁦best pumpkin this season. #traderjoes

    Twitter: @time2scribble

    23. If you don't feel like dressing sexy, this tweet is for you:

    I feel like Halloween is the perfect opportunity to not be sexy…. So before you put on that “underwear version” of a costume this season… consider a potato sack over the head, a plaid shirt, some comfy jeans and an axe as an accessory, really simple really cute.

    Twitter: @Rwlshmakeup

    24. Congrats, October 18 was better than I managed:

    Let the record show that I lasted until October 18th before breaking into the trick-or-treater Halloween candy 😬

    Twitter: @Amy_Siskind

    25. Speaking of candy, here's a strong opinion:

    We as a society have surpassed the need for whoppers in Halloween candy bags

    Twitter: @companiondish

    26. And lastly:

    Please please PLEASE be careful trick or treating this Halloween. Because I’m putting some real crazy shit in this candy.

    Twitter: @JhonenV

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