These Are The Best Tweets About Halloween 2021 So Far (And Yes, I Know October JUST Started)

    It's never too early to start celebrating Halloween.

    If you're reading this post, you probably love Halloween as much as I do, and say "It's showtime!" almost immediately after Labor Day.

    Beetlejuice says it's showtime

    Well, we're not are a bunch of people who've already started celebrating Halloween 2021:

    1. This person who said, "It's still September. So what?"

    i refuse to be controlled by a calendar. Happy Halloween everyone

    Twitter: @GhostfaceTalks_

    2. And this person who pointed out that with everything the way it is, we deserve a little extra Halloween.

    honestly it’s fine if you want to put up halloween decorations a few months early at this point. the world is ending. put a pumpkin in your ass who cares

    Twitter: @dubstep4dads

    3. This person who loves even dumb Halloween stuff like Halloween-themed cat treats.

    Dumb crap like this is why I love Halloween.

    Twitter: @JayBauman1

    Cats totally look forward to these all year, ha.

    Halloween-themed cat treats

    4. This person who has already DIYed some unsettling Halloween decor.

    5. This person who already found their "sexy" Halloween costume.

    hey guys, i got my halloween costume early this year.. hope my man thinks i’m sexy in it 🥵

    Twitter: @milkstrology

    "With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you..."

    6. This person who wants everyone to know there's actually a "sexy Bernie Sanders" costume.

    First sexy Halloween costume of the year is here — and it’s Bernie Sanders

    Twitter: @MashUpStanleyT

    7. And this person who is already yukking it up at this year's off-brand costumes.

    8. This person who made a crack about all the Spirit stores popping up in random places.

    Does Spirit Halloween know about this?

    Twitter: @ronnui_

    9. This person who made a crack about Spirit Halloween and themselves.

    my body used to be a temple, but the temple closed and now my body is a Spirit Halloween

    Twitter: @joshcarlosjosh

    10. And this person who made a crack about Halloween City set to the tune of Guns N' Roses' "Paradise City."

    take me down to the Halloween city in a former Sears in a mall that’s shitty

    Twitter: @aspaul

    11. This person who went into one of those stores and came across this absolutely epic nightmare.

    12. This person who almost certainly predicted what's going to be the "couple costume" of 2021.

    every single couple on halloween this year

    Twitter: @dorksofprey

    13. And this person who probably predicted the kid costume of the year.

    If a little kid does not show up at my house on halloween wearing an among us costume whats even the point of halloween this year

    Twitter: @ribbonleaves

    (Related note: My wife DIYed these Among Us costumes for our kids last year, lol.)

    Two kids in DIYed "Among Us" costumes

    14. This mom whose kids want to be...Amazon boxes.

    My kids want to be Amazon boxes for Halloween. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

    Twitter: @LinzDeFranco

    15. And Chelsea Peretti, whose son wants to be a coffin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    my son just told me he wants to be a coffin for halloween 👁👁

    Twitter: @chelseaperetti

    16. This person who has been posting Halloween memes for some time now.

    17. This person who is petitioning McDonald's to bring back these classics.

    18. This person's dad who seems a) ready for Halloween early and b) a little confused.

    my dad just said he liked a groups halloween costumes they weren’t in halloween costumes ….they were emos

    Twitter: @plumbellayt

    19. This person who shared the news about Elvira coming out just in time for Halloween 2021.

    Elvira coming out as LGBTQ means this Halloween is for the gays

    Twitter: @Megamarines

    20. This person who snapped a photo of this Halloween awesomeness at their local grocery store.

    21. Chucky, who is verified and already thinking about Halloween costumes, it seems.

    hey @JanelleMonae are u gonna be me for halloween again this year?

    Twitter: @ChuckyIsReal

    22. This person who is looking for someone who loves Halloween as much as he does.

    If you really love Halloween prove it by having a threesome with me and the 12 foot tall Home Depot skeleton

    Twitter: @Shaydozer

    23. And finally, this person who has an idea that I think we can all agree with.

    I petition that we make the entire month of October into Halloween. 🎃 👻 🧛 🧟‍♂️ 🦇

    Twitter: @EcoJameson