19 Tricks To Try With Your Picky Eater

    Because kids canʼt subsist on chicken nuggets alone.

    1. Insist on “No thank you” bites.

    2. Emphasize the foodʼs benefits.

    3. Purée fruits and vegetables.

    4. Serve small portions.

    5. Show your kids someone cool likes it.

    6. Cut out between meal snacks.

    7. Let them share your food.

    8. Check out “Today I Ate A Rainbow!”

    9. Donʼt take no for an answer.

    10. Sprinkles are your friends.

    11. Model good eating.

    12. Make eating fun.

    13. Keep your cool.

    14. Never forget that boys are disgusting.

    15. Let your fussy eaters help cook.

    16. Let them grow their own food too.

    17. Bust out the dip.

    18. Stop saying your kid is a picky eater.

    19. Lastly, donʼt worry about it so much!

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