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23 Totally Inexcusable Breaches Of Cell Phone Etiquette

The only cell some people deserve is a jail cell.

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12. Taking photo after photo at an art museum.

How did people ever appreciate art before they could Instagram it?


14. Constantly holding your phone up at a concert.

Michael Kovac / Via Getty Images Entertainment

"Put your cell phone down and put it in your pocket. You can watch shitty videos of this on YouTube anytime you want later.” —Rob Zombie

"I can't freaking see Kanye. WTF." —Guy behind you at concert


18. Making everyone wait to eat their food so you can Instagram the meal.

“Wait! Don’t take a bite yet! I want to Instagram our whole spread!” Grr.

19. Having speakerphone conversations in public.

You are not that important.


22. Not putting your phone on vibrate.


There's really no good reason to announce every news alert, text, and call to the world. On a related note, why is that the people who do this always have the absolute worst ring tones?