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21 Totally Adorable Homemade Valentines To Make With Kids

Because there's still time to do better than store bought.

1. Cell Phones

These "heart" phones with edible buttons make an adorably modern valentine. Find the directions here.

2. Robots

These robots may not be able to feel human emotion, but any kid who receives one surely will. Find the how-to here.

3. iPods

Here's another fun iValentine that comes with Hershey kisses for ear buds! Find the tutorial here.

4. Out Of This World Bouncy Balls

These are a terrific option for schools that don't allow candy on Valentine's Day.

5. "You Rule" Rulers

These are so cute that kids won't even realize they've been given - gasp - a school supply! Learn more here.

6. MadLibs

This is another fun alternative to candy that kids are _______ to ______ receiving. Find the tutorial here.

7. Minions

Perfect for kids who love the movie Despicable Me. Find out more here.

8. Pillow Box Alligators

Kids can tell their classmates they've taken a bite out of their heart with this valentine. Find directions and download here (you'll have to scroll down the page).

9. I Love Ewes

This easy option is ideal for younger kids. Learn more here.

10. S'mores

Kids can make s'mores with the contents of the bag when they get home, but something tells me most kids will chow down right away. Learn more here.

11. Bananas

For a healthier version you can replace the candy with banana chips. Find the tutorial here.

12. Superheroes

Find the tutorial and free printable for these super valentines here.

13. Butterflies

Lollipops can also be used to make these adorable butterflies. Download the free printable here.

14. Photo Card

These are suprisingly easy to make using Photoshop or a free photo editor like PicMonkey. Learn more here.

15. Friendship Bracelets

Kids love making friendship bracelets and will have a blast putting these together. Find more info and a .pdf of the tag here.

16. Love Bugs

Kids who find Valentine's Day to be a little sappy will love the opportunity to throw some creepy, crawly bugs into the mix. Learn more here.

17. Gum Ball Machines

All you need is a sandwich bag, string, and free printable. And gum balls, of course.

18. Color My Hearts

Kids can turn their own artwork into this interactive valentine.

19. Pirate Treasure

These are great to pass out to the rest of the crew. Learn more here.

20. Scratch Offs

Adults may lose most of the time with scratch offs, but kids always win with this creative Valentine. Learn more here.

21. Swedish fish

Not all of the super cute Valentines are super hard to make. Find the how-to and free printable here.

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