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    21 Times Moms Proved They Were The Funny One In The Family

    These are way better than "dad jokes."

    1. When this mom took parenting instructions to the next level.

    2. When this mom made a parody video of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy."

    3. When this mom meant business.

    4. When this mom dropped some cold, hard truth.

    It'd be cool if my kids could make something I actually want, like a bottle of wine, out of macaroni and glue.

    5. When this mom sent her kid off to college.

    6. When this mom did whatever she did in the last ten minutes.

    7. When this mom knew exactly what she was doing.

    8. When this mom updated her kid's snack packer for high school.

    9. When this mom epically trolled her son.

    10. When this mom was totally over Facebook.

    11. When this mom absolutely crushed the "Evolution Of Mom Dancing" on The Tonight Show.

    12. When this mom trolled her kid via snapchat.

    13. And this mom trolled hers bright and early.

    14. When this mom parodied "Let It Go."

    15. When this mom got a glimpse into the future.

    "When I grow up I get to say all of the bad words. Like every single one." Looks like I have the next Steve Jobs on my hands, guys.

    16. When this mom came through on her son's request for a birthday cake with Jesus riding a stegosaurus on it.

    17. When this mom was all out of sympathy.

    18. When this mom "replaced" her daughter's iPhone after she lost it at a bar.

    19. When this mom told it like it is.

    It's cute how my kids think that just because I'm their mom I'm going to make dinner.

    20. When this mom knew exactly how to prepare her kid for an interview.

    21. And lastly, when this mom played her kid like a fiddle.

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