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    18 Mildly Vandalized Places That Are 100% Better For It

    Technically wrong, but it feels so right.

    1. This graffiti that spread some holiday cheer:

    A "For lease" sign with navidad scrawled under it
    u/plsiwanttosleep / Via

    2. This graffiti that's totally aspirational:

    A Chase bank sign with "your dreams" written under Chase
    u/cinemassacress / Via

    3. And this graffiti that made a point:

    "I don't believe in global warming" is written on a wall with rising water around it

    4. This posting that blocked some racist B.S.:

    On a post is a sticker with a cat and the text "there was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat"
    u/Wiildman8 / Via

    5. This fan-made star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that absolutely deserves to be made real:

    A fake star for Carrie Fisher has been put on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
    ABC 7 / Via

    6. And this grafitti that spread some unauthorized wisdom from Yoda:

    "Matter, black lives do" has been spray-painted on a statue of yoda
    u/mikieballz / Via

    7. This graffiti that pumps you up:

    "Never give up on yourself" has been written on a bus seat
    u/storyseer / Via

    8. This graffiti that makes you feel warm inside:

    "Bring nice is so easy" has been written on a "Just Do It" billboard
    u/Hisbaan / Via

    9. And this light vandalism that put a little grammar (and welcome irony) into the world:

    A sign saying a bathroom is closed due to consistent vandalism has been written on, correcting its grammar
    u/SeeTarno12 / Via

    10. This posting that's spreading the word, er, the other word about how to stay safe from COVID-19:

    A church sign reading: "What can you do about COVID-19, pray" has "wash hands, wear masks" written on it
    u/Shall_We_Presuppose / Via

    11. And this mask someone added that sends a good message too:

    A mask has been put on a statue of a surfer

    12. This graffiti that's doing a solid for all the lovers out there:

    "This is a good kiss spot" has been scrawled on a wall
    u/shihnora / Via

    13. This posting that made the most out of an unfortunate situation:

    A cracked window has a piece of paper on it reading "artist unknown, youthful mistakes, 2020, skateboard on glass"
    u/goobles75 / Via

    14. And this one, lol, that probably does exactly what it says:

    A paper with googly eyes and "earthquake detection kit" written on it is attached to the wall
    u/mynameisultrabot / Via

    15. This really impressive graffiti that spreads an eco-positive message:

    A drawing of a teenage mutant ninja turtle looms over a sewage dump
    u/ohheyfuckyou / Via

    16. This posting that makes you think:

    A sign reading "this printer is here temporarily" has another sign on it reading "In the greater scheme of things, aren't we all?"
    u/Kelly240361 / Via

    17. This graffiti that only wants you to save money:

    Graffiti on an ATM points people toward the closest ATM that doesn't charge an additional fee
    u/tamsass / Via

    18. And the graffiti that put a smile on this traffic light and every driver who sees it:

    Graffiti on a stop light makes it look like it is smiling
    u/siggi_stebba / Via

    H/t: r/mildlyvandalised

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