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Posted on Jun 30, 2018

This Yes Or No Quiz Will Reveal If You’ll Ever Go To Space In Your Lifetime

They say commercial flights to space are in our future. Will you be on one?

  1. Are you over 40?

  2. Would you say you're in good health?

    Qimono/Good Free Photos
  3. If you were alive in 1930, would you have gone on a plane flight?

    Creative Commons
  4. Is your taste in tech more retro than modern?

  5. Does this describe you: "I'm broke and probably always will be."

  6. Will robots likely
    end humanity?

  7. Does the idea of traveling in space excite you?

  8. Would your friends call you a risk taker?

  9. Do you consider the Sandra Bullock movie "Gravity" a horror film?

    Warner Bros.

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