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This Woman Had Her Maternity Shoot During The Eclipse And The Results Are Unforgettable

And you didn't think the eclipse could get any more beautiful.

When most people were busy planning how they would get a good look at the eclipse, Nichole Carver was planning something more ambitious — an utterly unforgettable maternity shoot.

Getting the perfect shot wouldn't be easy, though. The sun would be (almost) totally eclipsed for only a minute or two, and they'd need to take precautions to avoid eye damage.

"I pitched the idea to my mother-in-law, Lisa Cruikshank of Still Pearl Photography, on the Friday before the eclipse," Carver told BuzzFeed.

Well, did it work out? I'd say that's a big "YES."

The reaction to the shoot, as you can imagine, has been overwhelmingly positive.

"We never in a million years expected the idea or photo to take off like it has," Carver said.