This Dad Chatting With His Baby Is Maybe The Cutest Thing On The Internet...Ever

    "Exactly what I was thinking! We think a lot alike, huh?"

    Ah, baby talk...those adorable babbles babies make when learning to talk. People usually respond with some goo-goos of their own, but one clever dad went in a different direction — and the result is guaranteed to make you smile.

    Shanieke Pryor recently posted to Facebook a video of her husband, Dextin, chatting with their son as they watch TV, and it has already racked up nearly 37 million views.

    Facebook: video.php

    Why does it have 37 million–plus views? Because Dextin responds to their baby's babbles as if they're having a full-blown conversation about the TV show.

    Baby: "Goobedy gobbety goobie gobby."

    Dad: “That’s what I was wondering; I don’t know what they’re going to do next season.”

    Baby: "Doo too boo bah."

    Dad: "Exactly what I was thinking!"

    Dad: "We think a lot alike, huh?"

    Shanieke's video was shared to Twitter, where it blew up as well, garnering almost a million retweets and over 3 million likes.

    Y'all , watch this baby have a full damn convo with his daddy 😂😂😂

    People LOVED it.

    @_11Remember_ This is the BEST baby. All other babies are cancelled. 😍😍😍

    Even Captain America loved it.

    I could’ve watched an hour of this

    Of course, Twitter being Twitter, people soon had some fun and captioned stills from the video.

    @_11Remember_ This dude has no idea what I’m saying


    @_11Remember_ He lookin like “Hell naw we don’t think alike” 😭😭😭😭

    Can we mention this little guy has already perfected the Jim Halpert look?

    @_11Remember_ @okAbbyyyy When you watchin a movie for the 1st time n yo girl keep asking questions

    Soon veteran parents jumped in to say these "conversations" are actually good for a baby.

    @_11Remember_ @brettrushforth I actually use to do this with my son years ago, and as he grew up he had one hell of a fine vocabulary under his grasp for a little guy - no joke. This kid’s going somewhere!

    And they pointed out that Dextin is teaching healthy conversation — and listening — skills.

    @_11Remember_ Dad is also teaching healthy conversation... the give-and-take in dialog... and listening skills. Great parenting. The kid's hand and face gestures -- and waiting for his own turn -- show that he has been learning well too.

    A speech pathologist even commented this is exactly what parents should be doing with young children.

    @_11Remember_ Speech Path here-- this is EXACTLY how parents need to talk to their kids because THAT baby is having a convo :) it's priceless!!

    Cute AND educational, what a combo! Keep up the A+ parenting, Shanieke and Dextin!