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These Epic Dad Jokes Will Make You Groan (Hi Groan, I'm Dad)

Warning: Peak dad ahead.

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Classic Dad Moves is a Twitter account dedicated entirely to the highest of art forms — the dad joke.

The account was started by Louis Montemayor and Daniel Stone, the latter of whom told BuzzFeed, "I'm the team’s real-life dad, right down to the white sneakers and Hawaiian shirts."

The account — which tweets user submissions and things they come up with on the fly — has amassed nearly 400k followers, and if you scroll through their feed you will find plenty of reasons to go, "Ugh, DAAAAAAD!"

Like this one...

And — shakes head — this one...

And definitely this one!

Yup, you can tell a dad who wears Hawaiian shirts had a hand in tweets like this.

(BTW, Stone told BuzzFeed he recently cleaned his daughter’s room with a leaf blower, which is pretty damn peak dad.)

Sometimes, per their Twitter handle, they just tweet things that are classic dad moves, like:

“It’s really cool to see the jokes connecting with the younger audience," Montemayor said. "We get high school and college students saying, 'That's me.'"

So what makes a dad joke so funny? “I think it's that dads are immune to embarrassment,” Montemayor said. “No bad joke or bad outfit is off limits, and they completely own it.”







Sounds about right. Never change, dads!

You can follow Classic Dad Moves on Twitter or check out their website.

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