A Toddler Melted Down On Live TV And It Was A Hilarious Trainwreck

    All hail Noah, king of the toddlers.

    Pennsylvania has a new car seat law going into effect this month, so Good Day Philadelphia decided to do a live demo to help explain the requirements.

    They must have felt pretty good about things before they started. They’d rounded up a toddler, his mom, an expert from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and a minivan. What could possibly go wrong?

    Unfortunately, when they threw down to their co-host, Mike, it quickly became clear it wasn't going to go so smoothly.

    Meet 23-month-old Noah. He did not want any of this.

    None of it.

    To calm Noah down, Mike let the toddler hold the mic, and it seemed to work.

    Mike then ran over to talk to Gina from the Children's Hospital as Noah's mom, Tori, tried to get Noah into the car seat.

    But Noah wasn't having it.

    "He's tearing the car apart," Mike said. "Can somebody come over and help?"

    That's when Noah took things up a notch and unleashed his flying feet.

    Mom finally got Noah into the car...

    ...but he wasn't about to concede defeat just yet.

    "Now should he be upside down like that?" Mike asked. "We would recommend he actually sits in the car seat in his full harness,” Gina said, trying to keep a straight face.

    Meanwhile, in the minivan, it looked for a second like Mom might finally get Noah buckled in...

    But then he mounted his strongest resistance yet!

    "What is going on, Tori?" Mike shouted.

    "I don't know, I'm losing it!" she yelled back.

    And then our 23-month-old hero pulled a move that will go down in the annals of badass toddler history. He escaped into the driver's seat!

    Back in the studio this was all just too much.

    All hail Noah, king of the toddlers!

    Here's the full video of Noah in all his glory:

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