This Mom Is A Doctor By Day And Hilarious Cartoonist By Night

    She basically has a doctorate in funny.

    Grace Farris, 36, is a New York City based doctor who has a delightful hobby — writing hilarious comics about her life as mom to two young boys, ages 3 and 6.

    Her comics — which Farris tells BuzzFeed are largely inspired by the funny things her boys say and the exasperating things they do — will feel instantly relatable to parents everywhere.

    This one, I would say, firmly fits into the "funny things they say" category...

    ...while this one clearly belongs in the "exasperating things they do" category.

    Farris adds that "searching for that ephemeral balance of work and motherhood" also greatly inspires her work.

    Now you may be wondering, how does a full-time doctor AND mother of two young boys find time to do this?

    Well, Farris tells BuzzFeed, “I mostly make comics in the evenings after the kids go to sleep. It's a great way to journal and process the intensity of parenting.”

    "Making comics also makes me less likely to binge-watch Dawson's Creek or something — but then again, I still do that too."

    In case you're wondering, Farris hasn't left her medical expertise totally behind in her comics — check out this very serious examination of the key mom muscles.

    And this anatomy of the "mom breast."

    Farris is especially pleased that the response to her comics has allowed her to connect with parents all over the world.

    "It's made me realize that so many aspects of parenting are shared experiences. That's been really comforting and reassuring."

    (BTW, here is the actual drawing her son made that inspired the above comic 😂🤣😂)

    You can keep up with Dr. Farris and her comics by following her on Instagram, or you can visit her website.