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    This Is The Funniest Parent Fail You Will See This Summer


    Getting the whole family to the pool isn’t easy. There’s a lot to remember — sunscreen, floaties, goggles, towels, and about a thousand other things.

    Flickr: thebriscoes / Via Creative Commons

    So you can be forgiven if you have a brain fart and forget to change your little one into a swim diaper before you put them into their swimsuit.


    Of course, this means that your kid will soon be rocking an epic badonkadonk.

    These insta-booties happen because regular diapers soak up as much pool water as they possibly can.

    And while — brain farts aside — your kid should always wear a swim diaper for sanitation's sake when in a communal pool...

    These diapers are still pretty darn funny.

    Whoa. Baby got back.

    This baby must do a lot of squats.


    Beware of the pool diaper butt, parents.


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