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    This Is How Much It Now Costs To Raise A Child

    How much? Really? Sheesh.

    Here’s one thing all parents know: raising kids ain’t cheap.


    But now we know exactly how expensive it is. A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that it will cost a middle-income married couple $233,610 to raise a new baby to the age of 17.

    Lower-income families are expected to spend $174,690 while those with higher incomes are expected to spend $372,210.

    So where will all of this money go? According to the report, 29% will be spent on housing your little rugrat.

    Flickr: 18702768@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    18% on food…

    Flickr: slopjop / Via Creative Commons

    16% on childcare/education…


    15% on transportation…

    9% on health care…

    Flickr: stevendepolo / Via Creative Commons

    And 6% on clothing.

    plumandviolet / Via

    Oh, and none of this takes into account the costs of getting pregnant or sending the kid to college!

    The one positive here is that parents can expect to spend 27% less on a second child, and 24% less on each child after that.

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    Hurray for hand-me-downs!

    Let me just say this — kids are lucky they’re so darn cute.

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