This Guy Wants Everyone To Start Dressing Like Kids Again


    26-year-old artist Matt Starr has a vision for the next big thing in fashion: Babycore.

    Babycore aims to inspire people to wear adult-sized versions of the clothes we wore as kids.

    The idea came to Starr when his mother threatened to throw out his old Gymboree clothes.

    "Seeing that made me really sad," Starr says. "I saw the clothes and couldn't stop thinking about how badly I wish they still made clothes like these."

    That's when Starr commissioned a new version of his favorite childhood sweatshirt:

    It wasn't long before there were more kid-inspired tops...

    ...and even pants.

    Babycore doesn't end with clothes, however. Starr also makes Babycore food.

    There are also plans to open a series of Gymboree-style playrooms for adults.

    Starr says that while Babycore initially comes across like a fashion trend, it's more important to understand it's an attitude.

    Only time will tell if 2015 ends up the year of Babycore.