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This Poor Woman Was Pranked By Her Husband Who Randomly Texted Her Jaden Smith Tweets For Two Years

Marriage takes commitment and so does a good prank.

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A couple years ago, Joel — who is Executive Editor of The Dad, an entertainment brand for guys with kids — decided to start randomly texting Jaden Smith tweets to Laura with no explanation.


Joel started things off with this quintessential Jaden Tweet:

If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.

Next, he sent this thought-provoking tweet:

The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep.


Early on Joel made a decision not to alter Jaden's texts in any way — which meant capitalizing each word — and he worried that might tip Laura off.

I Encourage You All To Unfollow Me So I Can Be Left With The People Who Actually Appreciate Philosophy And Poetry. #CoolTapeVol2

Sometimes Joel sent Jaden tweets that (sort of) related to what he and Laura were discussing, like this one:

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real


Other Jaden tweets he sent actually sort of acted as conversation starters:

You Would Have To Eat 5 Apples Today To Get The Same Nutritional Value As An Apple From 1950. #Fallow

As the months rolled on, Joel kept sending Jaden gems:

When You Party I'm On The Treadmill,When You Sleep I'm On The Treadmill, When I Tweet I'm On TheTreadmill. Remember This


It didn't matter how random the tweet was that he sent...

If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I've Cried In The Back Of An Uber, I Would Have Another Pair Of Yeezy's.

That is until Jaden's tweets/Joel's texts got so random...

One Time I Went To The, And Then I Dropped The Needle On The Record Industrial Complex For The 5th Time This Month While I Bathed In Sorbet


All in all, across almost two years, Joel sent Laura more than 50 of Jaden's tweets:

I Love Math..............Man I Wish I Was Serious

He even pulled these hijinks on their 10th wedding anniversary!

People Think A RelationShip Makes You Whole, That It's Two 50%'s Coming Together To Make 100% When It Should Be Two 100%'s Making 200%•••


Joel told BuzzFeed, "People are shocked that in the texts she is totally unbothered by the whole thing. I told her 'I dropped the needle on the record industrial complex for the 5th time this month while I bathed in sorbet.' WHO JUST LETS THAT GO? But I think it went on for so long because I’ve done similar stuff in the past."

For example, Joel previously pranked Laura by tracking how many days old she was in a spreadsheet. "When she hit a round number (12,000 days), my kids and I woke her up 12,000 seconds into the day (at about 3:20 a.m.), by jumping on the bed, shining 12,000 lumens of light in her face, and throwing 12,000 styrofoam peanuts at her while shouting 'TWELVE THOUSAND' over and over."

The Jaden Smith prank may have ended anticlimactically, but Joel says it was all worth it. "There were so many times over the past two years when I’d share what was happening with friends or coworkers and we’d be in tears laughing about it. This dumb prank has brought me so much joy. Thank you, Laura. And thank you, Jaden Smith."