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    This Doctor Was In The Middle Of Giving Birth When She Got Up To Deliver Someone Else’s Baby

    And what did YOU do today?

    This is Dr. Amanda Hess, an OB-GYN in Frankfort, Kentucky.

    Recently, in a real-life plot twist worthy of Grey's Anatomy, Hess — who was in labor and soon to give birth at her hospital — heard something amiss down the hall. "My husband actually said, 'Is that a woman screaming?'" Hess told WKYT.


    As it turns out, another patient was fully dilated and ready to give birth like RIGHT. NOW.

    The only problem? The on-call doctor who was supposed to deliver the baby was on a break, away from the hospital, and not going to make it back in time!

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    So what did Dr. Hess do? “I just put on a gown to cover my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room," Hess told WKYT.


    As it turned out, Dr. Hess knew the woman about to give birth, Leah Halliday Johnson. Dr. Hess, in fact, had even given Johnson her last checkup a few days earlier.

    Dr. Hess, despite being in labor herself, immediately went to work. This was a relief to Johnson, who "was just glad to be able to get to push and have the baby out and not have to wait any longer," Hess told WKYT.

    After successfully delivering Johnson's baby, Dr. Hess returned to her own delivery room where she gave birth to her own baby, Ellen Joyce.

    Dr. Hess is getting a lot of attention for what she did, but it was NBD to her. As she told WKNY, "I love doing what I do, I love taking care of mothers and babies, and most doctors are always thinking of their patients even when they’re a patient themselves."

    Nice work, Dr. Hess, and congratulations to your family and the Johnsons!



    Dr. Hess told BuzzFeed that the reaction to what she did "has been incredibly supportive and positive. I don't think what I did was anything extraordinary but... as a doctor, it is really nice to have people say such kind things — we are often criticized for office wait times or patients that aren't happy with their care, and to be praised for doing what I love to do everyday is really heartwarming."

    She added, "I hope people understand how much doctors truly care about their patients. We put put our own families and interests on the back burner to take care of moms and women in their times of need because the reward of being there for someone and helping them with the most important moment in their lives is immeasurable."

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