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    This Dad's Cartoons About His Wife And Toddler Will Make You Happy Cry

    You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll get toddler-punched in the crotch.

    This is Jonathan Jui, 34, an American living in England who draws hilariously charming comics about life with his 3-year-old son, who he and his wife, Tina, call "Baobao" at home. Baobao translates to "Little Treasure" in Chinese.

    Jui — who only started his Instagram account after Baobao was born — has built up a following of 40,000 followers thanks to toddler truth-telling comics like this one:

    jonajooey / Via

    And this one:

    jonajooey / Via

    Many of his comics are directly inspired by his life with Tina and Baobao — and feature illustrations of them.

    jonajooey / Via

    He shares the funny things Baobao says:

    jonajooey / Via

    The everyday strains of caring for Baobao:

    jonajooey / Via

    And everyday scenes parents of toddlers definitely can relate to:

    Jonajooey / Via

    But his most popular posts have been reflective multi-part comics, like this one about how a solo trip with Baobao really made him appreciate the "mental load" (or emotional labor) his wife Tina carries.

    Or this touching story about how his father bonded with him (and Baobao) by giving haircuts.

    And especially this heartwarming story about how he and Tina met and fell in love.

    Jui tells BuzzFeed he started making these comics to document his life as a dad and husband, but was initially apprehensive about putting them out there. "I was just getting into drawing for the first time, so I knew my drawings would suck," he says.

    jonajooey / Via

    Jui adds: "I also felt uneasy about starting a digital footprint for my son without his consent."

    But the terrific reaction — full of "a lot of positive energy" — has affirmed his decision to do so.

    jonajooey / Via

    Jui says, "I like to think of Instagram as a small community of parents laughing, sympathizing, and commiserating together."

    jonajooey / Via

    "Parents often don't have time to catch up with friends or other parents, but social media allows for these sort of flash interactions that don't require the time commitment or scheduling, but yield a lot in terms of bonding and socializing...which is important and very convenient!"

    You can follow Jui on Instagram or check out his "Choose Your Own Adventure" parenting book on Kickstarter.