27 Things Your Parents Call By The Wrong Name

“The FaceTube.”

The BuzzFeed staff recently shared some of the names their parents never get right:

1. “Jennifer JayLawrence”

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

The “J-Law” nickname is very confusing to some parents.

3. “P.J. Chung’s”

4. “Hewlett Packard”

Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

5. “Chip-o-tay”

Also “Chip-ol-tay” and “Chip-pot-lay.”

6. “The Facebook”

8. “Mick McCaughlin”

20th Century Fox

11. “Katie Haggle”

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images Entertainment

14. “Jon Daily”

Ethan Miller / Via Getty Images

15. “You Tube Dot Com”

16. “Bone-oh”

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

17. “Bread And Breakfast”

Dan O’Brien / Flickr: according2obrien

18. “BirdSeed”

Also “Busby’s,” “FeedBuzz,” and “BuzzFed.”

19. “Julie Roberts”

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

21. “Fifty Cents”

Jared C. Tilton / Via Getty Sports Images

22. “Maria Callendar”

23. “Fair-all”

Jonathan Alcorn / Reuters

25. “Lord Google”

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

26. “Williams Of Somoa”

27. “Goldie Hawn’s daughter”

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

What do your parents pronounce incorrectly? Add ‘em in the comments!

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