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23 Things Your Kids Learn By Watching You

The way you act today is the way your kids will act tomorrow.

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3. To look at the world from many perspectives.

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You take the time to listen to the perspectives of others, and know that your perspective is only valuable if you constantly challenge it.

4. To be cool-headed when driving.

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Keeping your middle finger in its holster (even after you’re cut off in traffic), is a big reason why your kids won’t turn into ugly road ragers.


8. To show love, respect, and courtesy to your partner.

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Be your kids' first and longest lasting impression of what a relationship should be, and take that seriously.

10. To take care of yourself emotionally.

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Being an adult doesn't have to mean stoically bottling up your emotions inside. If you have to cry, you cry, and if you need mental health help, you get it.


13. The ability to unplug.

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Kids today never knew a time before cell phones, laptops, and the internet, so it's up to you to show them how to live life as we did back in the '80s and '90s.

14. To ignore your phone when behind the wheel.


You keep your phone in your pocket or purse when driving because you know that teaches your kids far better than any "don't text and drive" lecture.

16. To stand up for yourself.


You want your kids to look out for others, but you especially want them to look out for themselves. That's why you never stand by idly when someone mistreats you.

17. Environmental consciousness.

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Caring for the environment grows increasingly important with every generation, so you do your part by going green at home and beyond.


19. Good manners.

You don't want your kids to be unfairly dismissed by someone one day simply because they put their elbows on the table, so you model good manners and always say "please" and "thank you."

21. Courtesy toward service workers.


You never forget that service workers, even when they're not having their best day, are people too. This is why your kid will never curse out a waitress for being slow to bring their water and end up with an unwanted hair in their meal.

23. A positive attitude.

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Life is hard, and keeping an upbeat outlook isn't always easy. You do it, though, because you want your kids to learn that nothing good comes from wallowing in one's hardships.


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