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31 Things That Will Make Camping With Your Kids So Much Easier

You need more than just s'mores.

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12. A Family Tent

Many parents like to sleep in the same tent as their kids. This one can comfortably hold a large family and even has a screen room to let air in during afternoon naps.


27. A Large Umbrella

Flickr: mariskar / Via Creative Commons

These are great in a downpour, of course, but they're just as good at limiting sun exposure, which is super important for little ones when they're outdoors all day.

29. The North Face Dolomite 3S Sleeping Bag For Kids

These bags have Heatseeker™ insulation, which will keep your little ones nice and toasty no matter how inclement the weather. Get one here.

31. Bounce Dryer Sheets

Bounce /

Parents have been sticking these in their kids' pockets for years to keep mosquitos and other bugs away. Some say it doesn't work, but new research suggests that it does. I'm a believer!


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