26 Pictures People Without Kids Will Never Understand

You’ve got to be kidding me.

1. “Relaxing” with the kids:

2. Like really relaxing:

3. When you try to take care of yourself for a change:

4. And when you try to go to the bathroom in peace:

5. Unexpectedly coming across one of your kid’s dolls:

#HeartAttack #Chucky

6. Why you’re always out of towels:

7. And why you never have a free hand:

9. Your car stereo with kids:

10. When someone gives your kid Cheetos:

12. Wondering if it’s poop or chocolate:

13. When your 1-year-old gets ahold of your partner’s phone:

14. Why you always bring a change of clothes:

15. When Lego bricks end up everywhere:

16. Ditto about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

17. Why you should never leave your kid alone with a crayon:

18. Or a marker:

9:30am and it's already a party over here. #happysaturday #Parenthood #momproblems #momlife

— Janie Porter (@shejustglows)

21. Or your hair balm:

Basically, don’t leave your kid alone with anything.

22. Enjoying some “quality” time:

My post ballet dinner date...#momproblems

— Cherelynn (@Cherelynn)

23. What happens when the kids are finally asleep:

24. And what happens when you need junk food BEFORE they’re asleep:

25. Ten minutes after you finish cleaning:

26. And when you check out like the boss parent you are:

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