19 Things No One Tells You About Having A Kid In Grade School

    Buckle up, parents.

    1. Your kid will be turned into a door to door salesman.

    2. School pictures will rarely turn out the way you hoped, but you will love them anyway.

    3. Your kid will bring home way more artwork than you will know what to do with.

    4. Common Core math will drive you to the point of tears.

    5. Parent/teacher conferences will stress you out more than when you were a student.

    6. It will be almost impossible to get your kid to tell you how their day went.

    7. If you're patient, though, your kid will eventually tell you the schoolyard gossip.

    8. The other parents will dish out some tasty morsels of gossip too.

    9. You will almost definitely forget to pack your kid’s lunch at least once.

    10. On the flip side, your kid will sometimes bring home their lunch totally uneaten.

    11. The school drop-off line will raise your blood pressure.

    12. You will worry you're not helping out enough at school.

    13. You will need to invest in a good pair of headphones.

    14. You might end up the owner of a goldfish thanks to the school carnival.

    15. You will have to sit through a two-hour holiday program just to see your kid perform for 90 seconds with their class.

    16. The credibility of this document would not hold up under oath.

    17. You will wonder how your kid is doing A LOT throughout the school day.

    18. You will probably get stuck doing some — if not all — of your kid's science project.

    19. And your heart will burst with warm fuzzies and pride when your kid gets recognized at school.