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19 Things No One Tells You About Having A Kid In Grade School

Buckle up, parents.

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5. Parent/teacher conferences will stress you out more than when you were a student.


Inside you'll be thinking: "Please don't make me feel like a bad parent, please don't make me feel like a bad parent..."


10. On the flip side, your kid will sometimes bring home their lunch totally uneaten.

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Badass parent tip: Just pop the uneaten lunch into the fridge and send them to school with it the next day. Your kid won't forget to eat after that.

11. The school drop-off line will raise your blood pressure.

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Every parent who exits their car to help their kid out — instead of pulling forward — will be on your list. You know the list I mean.

12. You will worry you're not helping out enough at school.

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This is especially true if you work far away from school. But if you make an effort to do what you can, you should give yourself a break.


15. You will have to sit through a two-hour holiday program just to see your kid perform for 90 seconds with their class.

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Two hours of waiting to watch your kid half-heartedly sing "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer." That is parenting in a nutshell.


19. And your heart will burst with warm fuzzies and pride when your kid gets recognized at school.

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These are the moments that make all of the Common Core, science fair projects, and parent/teacher conferences worth it.