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    19 Wives Who Survived Their Husbands Being Absolutely Ridiculous

    "HE SAID WHAT?!?!"

    As a husband myself, I am the first to admit that we say some dumb shit. If you have a husband, there's a 100% chance you've been exasperated, befuddled, and (thankfully) sometimes amused by the words coming out of our mouths.

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    How ridiculous are we talking? Here are a bunch of husbands who really outdid themselves:


    I just heard my husband give our dog an ice cube and he called it a Cwunchy Water. And yes, with a W. Not a typo.

    Twitter: @Back_dafucup


    my husband had a vasectomy and just called his own cum ''pulp free'' so I've decided its time for a divorce!

    Twitter: @Milkcubus


    My husband just called our son a son of a bitch 🙄

    Twitter: @justmecherie93


    My husband just called today Wiener Christmas, so I'm pretty sure there is a headache in my Valentine's Day future.

    Twitter: @sweetmomissa


    My husband reads this to tune of Bad Romance every time

    Twitter: @aripence


    @cottoncandaddy My friend’s husband called her complaining about the bad lettuce she had bought. It was purple cauliflower. Friends, this man is an ER doctor.

    Twitter: @AmberBenson


    My husband called the dinner I cooked a “science project” so when we sat down to eat I waited for him to take the first bite, then asked him with wide eyes, “how do you feel?”

    Twitter: @ThisOneSayz


    Looks like my husband has taken a side in whether or not almond milk should be called milk. He keeps referring to it as nut juice.

    Twitter: @AryaKicksButt


    Today I discovered my husband has me in his phone as “Jennifer Wortman.”

    Twitter: @wrefinnej


    My husband just said that “we” are going to start eating healthier. Still haven’t found who tf he’s talking to.

    Twitter: @thearibradford


    My husband is making a spice rub for his steak called "Ass Fire", so no I don't want to hear about your problems right now.

    Twitter: @sweetmomissa


    After being sad about our eldest son moving out, my husband said, “We can always have another one!” So, anyway, now we have 2 people moving out.

    Twitter: @sarcasticmommy4


    My husband set up a motion sensor sign that lights up when my cat poops....please hire him, he has too much time on his hands

    Twitter: @hamstertalk


    My kids put all our shoes in a row and my husband called it a shoe shoe train, and the more I think about it the more it makes me laugh.

    Twitter: @BunAndLeggings
    Twitter: @BunAndLeggings


    My husband called while I was on my way to grocery store to ask what the name of that Bluey show is that 4 watches. It’s Bluey.

    Twitter: @michimama75


    I just need to record somewhere that my husband called Eugene Levy’s eyebrows “big naturals”

    Twitter: @j_zimms


    I took a sharp right turn on the sidewalk and my husband said "Whoa, you're like a rook" Honest question, how much chess is too much chess?

    Twitter: @choo_ek


    My husband asked for a hug only to yell mid-hug, “Why are you so clingy?!” And thus, I have now witnessed Scorpio behaviour on turbo speed.

    Twitter: @sickpoettheory


    my husband called eyelash extensions “eyelash bangs” and i am forever changed.

    Twitter: @hanelaineking

    Basically all of these wives to their husbands:

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