14 Dads Who Were Like, "Uh, I Pictured It Going Differently In My Mind!"

    It's hard out here for a dad.

    1. The dad who was so sure he was going to give his daughter the thrill of a lifetime.

    2. And the dad who took his kid to his first NFL football game — and only got this one photo of him.

    3. The dad who struggled mightily with the baby wrap.

    4. The dad who tried — and failed — to jump over his kiddo.

    5. And the dad who recorded himself instead of his daughter during her graduation.

    6. The dad who tried — and failed — to reheat his baby's peas.

    7. And the dad who had to clean up his daughter's mac n' cheese disaster.

    8. The dad who took his kid to Legoland — only to find this sign in front the ride they wanted to go on.

    9. The dad who let his daughter ride around all day before he saw there was a brown widow spider right by her foot!

    10. The dad/host who made the mistake of bringing his son on the show as he interviewed Dolly Parton.

    11. And the dad who made the mistake of wearing his show's shirt to his 10-year-old daughter's basketball practice.

    12. The dad who, uh, sent his daughter off to the pool like this.

    13. The dad who thought he'd surprise his kids by baking some cookies.

    14. And the dad who tangled with Iron Man and lost.